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We ordered a media center from this company March 2018. Two right hand towers of the media center were delivered rather than a left and a right.

The doors were also broken. The boxes were very damaged upon delivery so luckily we did not sign form and registered complaint before we even opened the crated boxes. After taking pictures and calling home cinema and asking for two new piers the manager agreed to send one new pier and a new door for broken door on other tower. We also did not receive any hardware to install shelves.

It is now the end of September, and after numerous emails and threats to get BBB involved a door was sent ( without holes drilled for hinges and door stop) The hardware for installing glass shelves and large shelf were never delivered.

Never would I use this company- spent $1900 for a big headache. This company dealt with Liberty furniture so I would be hesitant to deal with that company as well.

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You've experienced this because Home Cinema Center's aka Marc, Marcus, John, Kelly etc. (same person/owner) business model is to purchased used and damaged furniture from furniture stores at discounted prices, then resell it as new from his living room couch in his 1M+ mansion in Myrtle Beach... Be careful, he might try to sell you the furniture from his home if any of it was damaged during hurricane Florence.


You might as well spit into the wind as involve the BBB ; they can and will do nothing. They are not the Commerce Police and have no litigation or representational authority ; that is an Urban Legend - all they'll do is take a report.

Period. Useless.

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